Why I should keep my Head up! It’s inspirational WOW good thing that happened to me.. where I can where my smile from the inside out.. I got my inspiration from a sweet stranger in Las Vegas.. on the bus who notice I have a habbit of keeping my Head down. His responded.. lovingly Don’t you Ever put your head down, your beautiful Strong, Strong that’s what got me… he said you are doing the right thing.. and your Beautiful Black Woman, he went further.. I admit i cries over flow of Joy Tears , when he did this , he. Asked if he was 2 offer a blessing would I accept it, I slowly said yes.. not knowing what that meant he pulled out 40 dollars in Cash and handed it to me … he told me and that’s from the Heart..

My 4 leg friend Hates

My Amazing 4 leg friend.. who enjoys stand on 2 legs.. leaping Lorenzo who should be in a Circus Hates my labtop and my cellphone.. this morning when I tried to get on my labtop to watch A old school good thriller called Germlins ,he kept laying stand ..pushing buttons ..with his paws.. doing things to my labtop.. that I don’t even know how to do.. every time I tried to get on my labtop he would hide the keyboard regardless of how many times.. I said no.. Lorenzo get off.. let me .. get on here he would block my hand from touching it with his body.. repeatedly.. and he did the same thing with my cellphone..block my hand from touching it.. with his body repeatedly…. ok.. I had to stop.and laugh at him.. I just love him.. being clever him.. HERE a picture of my funny 4 leg friend..

My smart friend of mine