Good morning

This is for those who are out of work.. even though this may hurt… and sometimes you wonder why… you are denied.. so many things from you not working.. and to be frank it’s become a nightmare to go to your bank.. no longer can. You. walk into the front door.. how easy it is to be continually board , it seems like our society is closed… with soo many signs.. today that help you to remember to stay away.. at least 6 feet… away.. ,so many people are selling fear to keep you afraid… ,Let your focus leave fear alone… .. some times it’s important to unplug from the insanity … and a variety of confusion mixed up with so many deliusions on the media the lieing encyclopedia.. Just take a Stop! Keep being Great full for what you still Got.. Yes so your current ly out of work , your current ly dealing with a reality that hurts..! Take out the time for you to see.. there are soo many opportunities.. ! for you to be happy and free to live and just be free from soo many lies.. that don’t define the person you chose to be happy loving and free just a loving human bein. This is from a person whose currently out of work , from a job of 2 years.. I have 2 ignore my own fears.. can you see I am choosing to be a Happy Me.. Iam the artist who created with her heart.. my regular 9 to 5 .. that help me survive… by being careful, loving and kind 2 serve these kids, who i miss,serving these nutrist meals, that help me to pay bills, can’t you see Iam the lunch lady .. Tamika

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