I miss my out side sun set

It’s been a while since .yes it’s been over 3weeks. I admit that Iam feeling a little weak I miss seeing your smile… I miss the light and watching you go down and taking a seat. In our atmosphere. I remember what time we use too meet , NO LATER THAN 530 . I MISS TH E DAYS .. WHEN I WASN’T AFRAID TO COME SEE YOU.. THE PROBLEM ISNT YOU NO ITS NOT YOUR FAULT , I VE LATELY BEEN SCARED AND LOST AND LOCKED DOWN.. THIS is AN ACADEMIC THAT’S SPREADING AROUND.. THIS WHY so MANY OF US CAN’T BE FOUND , TO SEE YOUR MID Day LIGHT SHOW.. the sunlight was soo bright that it glowed. I miss the Marvel in it all. INSTEAD OF BEHIND THESE 4 WALLS. I miss the feeling of the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze… that gently put me at easy. I would just close my eyes , as your wind softly brushed by.. I took a picture so I could enjoy and always remember..your smile as I watched your Sun set.. this is something I ‘ll Never forget!

If your like me.. you miss being at ease, he’ll you miss being free 2 enjoy the sun set .. but this is something well never forget.. this is my gift I share with All of you. I look forward to us having enjoying the Sun! .. I look foward to us no longer having to hide.. and be free to just go outside

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