Enjoying the Right NOW

Hey Everyone.. the subject.. I’m Diving into.. is enjoying the Right NOW.. and just …learn to smile from the inside out! Any one out there .. 1 2 3.. just doing a Mic check .. I only want to share wha I ‘ve accomplished.. and invite… some joy..and yes excitement in your journey… Today s accomplishment.. includes.. 3 things.. I found joy and thrilling excitement in my photo and writing adventures .. by re investing..in my current.. skills .. by finding cheap and free class on line the udmey.com.. so look for free course that can add to your current skill.. the class, I’m taking is Ebook formatting for writers, my next free class.. I’m taking is an interactive blog .. class online, I also Teach.. yes. I have prior experience teaching photo editing on any Android Smartphone phone.. I wrote a proposal.. to the District Manager of the Library. I got approved by local library.. I can give you step by step instructions how to create this for your community , I also have two Education al.. manuals that I sell on Etsy ..om Mikasphotoworks or Michelle Newell Michelle facebook page.. Instagram Michelle Michelle Newell .. of course my podcast on Tamika Newell and it’s free.. I’m this podcast i share my adventures.. advice updated art information and free movie listing ..heres a live of my unique art ..Hey let’s be in touch sincerely Tamika so glad to meet you ,,

This my first 3 d by ph editorial I created I call this.. twilight zone in purple.. I dedicate this to my beloved show.. I watched that I enjoyed as a little girl once upon a time.. .. tell me what you think.. Thank you

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