Hey let peace in

Hey knock knock , this is Peace knocking at the heart of your door.. it’s for you. And it’s for me, peace is for everybody.. , impowered.. by joy.. .. this is a love adventure for us to be brave.. what A gift when we chose to behave.. in the acts that teaches how to unify as we struggle to get by.. you and I . you you and you! Peace is what makes all possible.. with the act of love.. that makes us unstoppable from the acts of hate.. with love that pentrates.. the heart of our door.. and we let peace in..this is when and are dream s can come true.. ….and we can be at eas.. when we let our peace ,let it be apart of you and apart of me.. then we can be happy !then we can be FREE! from missiory.. hate.. no need to argue no need to debate.. we are on the some page.. no longer are we angry scared and afraid….or just lost in the pain of anger.. .. that’s endangers you you and you this is what the power of Peace can do

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