Vegas is open today .

Vegas is getting back to .. work..what that means.. 2 me..

Hello I am a former Nevadan.. I use 2 stay in Las Vegas, today I live in a place called NJ.. the garden state.. I am pleased to call this place my home .. Vegas is a.. fun place to visit but…. it’s not a place you want to stay.

The ups and downs of las Vegas.. my friend my customer s.. at the 24 hr Walmart in Las Vegas on Boulder hwy.. where I’ve worked for 2 years… I can tell you.. how I use to not sleep.. work at Wal-Mart and at Night.. beg and pin handle on the strip of law Vegas… a friendly cashier by day who walked around with sting pain of her ankles not having a bed to sleep in..serving my customer s with a smile on the inside.. I was afraid to get off of work knowing i had to survive.. on the strip of las Vegas.. begging on a international level.. with my 7 11 plastic cup I would get change.. from every where.. but i couldn’t sleep if its, against the law.. to fall asleep on the bus, . a homeless begger.. Yes that was my life four years ago… 3 Christian women from London England.. seeing me in my distress brought me a ticket prayed with me.. my life my world is so much better… i am great ful for the much needed victory.. I m learning to thank those hard situation and horrible..ppl cause it pool me into my stable loving..myself stable non abused here and NOW.. Vegas is opening today that’s.. great .. I’m proud of you… and expect more blessings to come your way… It will get even better for you.. only time will tell.. hard workers.. you who make success happen.. you.. serve.. your visitor’s with a charming above and beyond service.. You who exsperince.. that many want forget all over the world.. I’m a freelance writer and NJ who got her start in photography.. by purchasing her equipment.. in the city the Never sleep s.. pawn shop before I left.. I send big thank s and Congratulations.. Clark County!

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