Beautiful but So Ugly

I m in las Vegas Nevada at the motel6 on motor speedway.. and I was in the kitchen warming up my breakfast in the microwave.. but what I heard from this beautiful front desk clerk..heated up my anger..and trouble my heart.. as I heard this clerk..make fun of .. some one who is homeless and dressed homeless.. who just paid her rent.. laughing with a chuckle with a male front desk handsome beautiful front Co worker finding it so funny to mark this woman.. at the motel6 on motor speedway..front desk.. Happy fourth of July 4 .. but this will be add to my homeless documentary on the homeless in las Vegas .. Nevada . It sadness me to see how people ….who stomp on someone s situation..for a cheap laugh..and for false sense of power… making themself ..feel a sense superiority ..its not right .. it dosent resolve.. anything but add un necessary cruelty to the homeless community in Vegas..

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