Homeless Kids in LA

What do you think of when you hear L.A…. ? Hmmm much to my sadness.. as I was heading to the Mexican Bus. In a cab.. I seen tent city.. these people who have … lived on the streets in what they call tent city.. a city with in a city.. then.. I noticed.. a parked pink and grey battery powered Barbie jeep . Which indicates there is a child living here.. next.. I seen a pretty little girl. With her pigtails.. running out the tent. Next to the Barbie Car.. I almost couldn’t Believe my Eyes.. a child was living .. in Tent city.. it hit me.. this is this little girl s child hood memories.. growing up in Tent city.. this isn’t. Right.. my heArt aches.. she didn’t ask for this.. she couldn’t of been no older than 5 years old.. it sadness me.. so much more when a kid.. whose surviving in that type of LIFE.. It hurts and makes me So.. mad.. at her parents. So.. there is Homeless kids.. living in Garbage Ville.. I couldn’t get out my cab.. and help her.. she’s not my child.. and I admit i was so scared.. of getting rob.. I seen drunks.. and desperate ppl.. pushing there carts. Grocery Carts.. I’m not sure how they got those carts, exactly , 1 can only guess.. where filthy clothes, reminds me off zombies .. how they wondered around in a staggering motion ..pushing there household I mean there tent items .. that’s trash to me and you.

But.. it’s there Stuff .. just wondering around..looking so sad stoc..in that way of life..

When you.see.. people just keep carrying luggage.. .. this is.a sign.of homelessness..

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