Conspiracy theories

1. Corna I thought was a Mexican beer.. today they.. the power s that be .. name a the virus after this beer.. Why..? 2 . Is this virus.. Genocide.. ? Is this population control? Or it s just Control.. Do we have the right to question.. why are so many are getting infected..? And I like to believe every 1.. is doing what they can to protect there self… if we are .. why did we reach a record high .. of 70thousand new cases.. people are still in the Hospital suffering from this.. right as we speak.. oh Lord.. I think this.. Corna or COV19 is a Bigger problem.. than .. what we are being told.. if you Walk out your front door.. or communicate and interact with others . We are being told we are putting are health at risk.. this is a country.. a Great country.. I think people have the right to question what works and dosent works.. oh we have already adobted.. the 6 feet social distancing. WE ARE WEARING MASK SHIELDS.. ARE ARMOR ARE Gear.. All we have is our devices.. that we depend on.. which are computer s.. right.. it’s like the movie Teriminator has become.. a real life episode.s in the day s of our lives.. I question all of this.. cause we all just want to live. We don’t want to be confused. Any more.. . THIS JUST ME CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT S GOING ON

This is when I got tested for Cov19.

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