My RPD.. A Walk Among the Clouds.. describe s so many creative things so

In this picture.. describes.. when this day dreamer.. was recount s .. when I recall .. me BEING recognize as a Creative Artist.. I remember when I use to get .. calls from my fourth grade teacher.. about me day dream ing all the time.. staring day dreaming .. looking outside the Windows of the school.. in Detroit elementary school called Hanestein.. elementary.. Mrs M C Donald will soon discover.. she had a creative .. student.. she would support.. well and that year I won my first poetry contest.. she enter my work in.. the name of the poem I am a Sandwich.. I still that creative girl.. don’t change this part of you even if you don’t understand it. … oh the term that’s in Portuguese.. for this R P D the noun is A Walk Among the Clouds.. Cloud s are my favorite subject in photography.. as I am a photographer as well an according to my dad and my discovery of my DNA test I have some Portuguese heritage..which was a shocker.. cause I thought I knew more then my dad lol.. any way do you remember the first time you were recognize as a Creative sort.. and support ed.. hold on to it embrace.. it.. hold on to what you are who you are and what you do so well so easily.. and you have fun doing it… oh I want to share some of my favorite creative pieces with you …. tell me what you think.. I hope this inspire s you…

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