Today I advocate for the homeless.. little girl.

I spoke to an officer .. Tracy… in east L A California.. he.. was nice.. gave me other resources.. who I m calling in the morning… to assist.. the family and 3 year old.. I seen playing with with her Barbie car.. after leaving her tent.. in east L A California.. talk about living a hard life.. I had to inform Tracy.. I’m only trying to help.. this family.. I had to tell officer.. I’m not a Case Manager or a social worker.. not by any means..some case workers are well re victimized.. the victims.. he was easy to talk too. He even went so far and said to me I wish there were more people like you… whose out there making a difference.. never thought I would share this with you.. never knew this would be something.. I could do…, I’m so humble by the honor .. of helping those I was able to help.. I can say I’ve gotten other people off the the mist of me doing my documentary on the homeless.. who now stand in the shadow of my painful homeless pass . so I got a chance to share how far .. I’ve came.. me 4 years ago once was homeless begger on the strip of las Vegas Nevada.. 3 Christian women from London England..paid for 1 way ticket out of las Vegas.. and back 2 the state.. that I went to College in.. NJ. and now how I’ve been able to help other , homeless people off the streets.. cross country..all I’m trying to figure out is how to help.. this 3 year old little girl… that has to live this type of LIFE in a tentant.. in East L A California. On 6 and wall street near downtown L.A. . I catch my breath.. this brings into the reality there are other .. kids there.. that are put in.. hard situation s.. like this young girl.. is.. it isn’t fair.. it’s not there fault.. there inocent! .. you don’t have to go to another country.. there homeless starving unprotected kids right here in our back yard.. in this country we call home in .. the U. S. A! We are strong people. We’re even stronger when we stand together.. for our greater good! Let s not forget about .. those who have been pushed off 2 the side by society.. you matter I matter and these people matter…. we love our animals .

Let’s not forget about loving 1 another! Hey.. what you are able to do matter s.. keep doing it for our better good

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