Homeless.. life.. is risky Enough 2 cause Death.!.. Listen up! close..!. to this ..warning.. 123.. it’s me here and here s a list…of things you receive from people.. stop believing in your humanity.. I have tell you .. I had stop believing in my worth.. cause.. I had issues before I became homeless . life in las Vegas.. and these cruel stranger s.. and how they would be little me .. he’ll the people who where the closes to me.. used my .. love and devotion.. towards them.. I’m talking about my now x husband .. my today lesson that teachers me .. what not to.. put up.with g for the price of love.. when comes down to marriage a life style that kept my life at risk..risk of him abusing and using my money my waste of time. Terrorizing my life.. always wanting fight me.. this violent guy.. after I divorced him he still attached me.. on the strip of las Vegas Nevada.theres apart of me gets why he wouldn’t leave me alone.. cause he was a miserable person.. who no longer had foolish me 2 take care of him… I think he was just mad.. he couldn’t have me as his fool any more.. so.. he got to pump fear into me .. by following me .. by watching me catching the same bus as me.. all the time and start a fight with me.. me not knowing my rights as most victim s dont.. day by day not knowing if I was going to die by him pushing of the bridge.. where I pin handle..next I dealt with strangers…. the police. And cruel stranger s would harass me as well . they start.. to attack .. you.. they treated you.as i being homeless was agasint humanity but. they start.. by looking down at you.. the rest is down hill.. you have people who enjoy tormenting .. you.. hurting you.. even twisted tourist.. who would suggest you to do something crazy….for money.. that brings me to the here now.. the sad NEWS..of a homeless guy..who drawn..in the belango dancing fountains.. so sad…this should n’t of happen but it did .. talk about for the of entertainment purposes this guy lost his percious life this week.his name isn’t spoke of .. but this is a sad story a tragedy.this type of risky life style was a lost… that happens to often ..not just to the homeless community but to the human community. So i have endured my .the police the guards.. the bus driver..s.. and the manager s.. and cruel people alike.. who use your situation. To under mind your existence.. Justice… is a rare occasion that the homeless get to experience.. if it’s not armed guard forcing you off the city bus for sleeping on it.. even though you.paid for your 24 hr bus pass.. ..you needing more than food stamps to survive .. you go on the strip of las Vegas.. before the sun rises.

Cause it’s 90 plus degree before the sun rises.. so to beat the hot heat

if 120 degrees.. you pen handle. For food and yes I would pray for miracles.yes I receive them to the point of me getting out of the homeless life I knew for 3 years.. 3 Chan women FROM London England brought me a 1 ticket back to the place I went to College In NJ 3 years 3 God loving women put there money together and bought me a 1 ticket back 2 NJ

..this is a short view of some one who is homeless in Clark County Las Vegas Nevada.. Hey I would know about this cause for four years ago.. this was once me… this is me .. is free from this .life.. I have not forgotten about these.people.. today my heArt shook when I found out about a dieing.. in the mist of trying to survive..in the hard core street life I once lived..but I survived… I almost stayed just to get more of a risky detailed information about the homeless LIFE..but I wasn’t willing 3 to risk.. my own life for the madness .I once knew.

For my documentary on the homeless in las Vegas Nevada ..i will share this with you the image.. where I once begged for money….

.. I know people who are still out there in the struggle.. right as I m sharing this with you.. I know a 3 year old who .. lives in Tent city.. in.east LA.. .i just hope people survive s it and get away .. for there safety. And well being..


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