Being Artist is more then a hobby.. Stop let me explain! My FuN in creation.. is inspired by the world.. around me.

It tells a story.. it has it’s on disctive rhythm

It plays a unique notes filled with a variety of different tones.. together..creating a symphony.

That only the eyes of your heart can see and feel..this is not an illusion.. this is how are heart choose to uniquely play an orchestra directed by are heart .. we bravely release are world.. threw our crave for creation are master piece.. is a direct demonstration of the joy..callabrated with are sound are own expression of noise..we chose not to hold in,are Art is a GIFT..expressed by something within our HEART.. here’s my own unique beat my heart conquer s.. defeat of facing my fear .. my logical mind thinks I’m crazy for taking such a risk.. to capture such a master piece i named Wow ! As I captured so many Angels.. .. stretching out on the bridge having fun defying my fears..breaking all the rules. Doing what my fear s tell me not to do!

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