Hi I m putting  my self care 1#

For over 10 years   I had abadant  myself care,  no wonder  my life  produce,  a painful  way of living,   not being aware how to properly   take care of my mind my body,   cause I left self care  at the back  burner..   right  NOW  I have  the opportunity to   take  care of my  the art of being in tune..with taking care of  all of  me..  my mind my body  my soul,  right now  I’m sharing this with you, cause, self  compassion  is a term that, needs to be shared..and prompted among the masses of people like your self!.  who  want to walk in the direction , where self care is 1# , you know a priority in your Life! I believe in me.. today, I’m wide awake.. I believe self awareness with self love can bring enduring freedom strength to constantly improve all of you! This is why.. I’m chosing to put self care first! Oh and I’m a creative visionary so thank you for letting me share my vision with you.. I’m also a visual artist .. this is a piece I would like to share with you!

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