What in the helll 101

Here.. I go hi folks, Welcome to my short read, about some of the crazy thing s happening in our society today. OVER 2 MILLION PEOPLE ARE OUT OF WORK.. OVER 200THOUSANDS LIVES HAS PAST , DUE TO COV19… OH IF YOU HAVE A OPINION OF YOUR OWN, OR YOU STAND FOR SOMETHING… PEOPLE HAVE A PROBLEM Accepting and honoring your prospective, people are still suffering, I ‘ve seen homeless as young as the age 3 years old living a tent playing with her toys on 6 and wall street downtown east LA, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, blood clots.. are taking people s life early my Dad, Along with his sister my Aunt died from the same thing. and the number 1 killer isn’t Cov19.. .. spolier alert homeless people lives are constantly under attack.. people label them and torecher … these people who can’t afford a ruff over there head.. all of them aren’t Bumbs.. you know jobless.. no some are apart of the working poor.. it’s a scary thing to work for a muti billion dollar corporation.. and get paid peanuts… it’s sad to be working for a company like this and can’t afford the same items they ring up..for this business.. but society beats up the poor.. this time of the year I knew people who would cry in sadness, during this time of the year.. thinking no one cares, and they CAN’T get a holiday meal , a holiday home some where to call there own. I did a documentary on the homeless.. Yes why cause some one needs to hear there voice that’s so often ignored. I would know .. cause for 3 years this voice.. use to be mine , it’s been four years since I ‘ve been in this homeless state in Las Vegas Nevada.. enough of my talking here some pics of the homeless in Vegas I documented.. in my travels.. but I came back and gave back to this community.. Oh that working person who could n’t affoward a ruff over her head yes that was me working as a front cashier by day and a homeless woman on the strip by night in las Vegas Nevada

This on the elevator on the strip of las Vegas Nevada.. right where I use to be homeless..this is the same guy

That use to hold up the elevator sleep in the morning s.. but I would nt bother him . I mean every one needs there sleep

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