I have A love story for you

There once was this homeless woman 5 years ago pen handling on the strip of las Vegas.on Valentine’s day .who was abandoned and forgotten..by society, so call friends, disfuntional family members.. not love or wanted.. this day.. that was going to change.. as she set next to the Elevator , of the WYNN fashion show bridge up , under the shade , from the VEGAS Sun , there was a.guy.. walking towards her .coming from the WYNN hotel casino. He had tears.coming down his eyes.. and he tells the Homeless woman, I feel CHRIST Compassion for you, he asked how long have you been homeless, she told him2 year s, he asked her , if I could give you ..money how much would you want.. she told em 300 dollars.. he said ok.. she was shock.. she didn’t believe him, she responded .huh! With tears of Joy he gave this homeless woman 3 100 dollar bills..with a smile he Said Jesus is Your Valentine.. she was so.shocked that this stranger,would be so generous so kind.. vs the world of people she knew wasn’t like this at all..How would I know cause that homeless woman use to be me! This is a Story about how any thing can be possible when it comes down to love!

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