My Work my History

1598   names the address  15 th on President s day my Art  was put on display for sell,  I who was  once a homeless  begger,being  chased  by society     .. rejected and marked  ,  on the  strip of las Vegas Nevada, 4 years ago  today  ..   I announce I’m no  longer   this woman.. begging  to live.. today  I’m not only a freelance photographer.. but  I’m a small  business owne

On route 70 in 1598 kings Hwy cherry hill NJ   this is  my story  .. Don’t  Give up… listen  there’s Always  HOPE!  Don’t Give up your  Dreams.. Iam.. a living  Example   Dreams  can  Come  true.. in tears of Joy.   I share  my progress with you.. I who once have gave  up on me.. 3 years  I was  Homeless..   3 stranger s. From London .. tourist  change my, destney.. by buying  me a ticket  out of  Las Vegas.. pull from.. the hot heat.. home less..  oh an ex husband..from tormenting  me any longer.. yes.. I went  there  that  mayhem.. fast forward to the  the here and now.. this month on Black History Month…  as African American woman..  who.. celebrating  my history.. my ripples of over coming much adversity..on black history month

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