I’m visiting las Vegas and I’m giving back to the homeless community.. I can’t wait

I left Vegas.. 4 years ago .. escaped a life a broken life.. filled fear and insanity.. and homelessness .. surviving the whole living in the desert. 8 years wasn’t easy.

I live a Happy life now in NJ.

I will. Get the chance to finish my documentary on the homeless life and giving back to this community . I DO LOOK FORWARD TO THIS TRIP! SO I LEFT A LOSER AND CAME BACK TO NV.. AS A WINNER..

This picture right here.. I took in the mist of my homeless ness… I title it there’s always Hope! I took this picture .. when . In my struggle of the homeless life in NJ today this struggle is no more.. I’m great ful 4 this…I get 2 share this with you how was able to over come