Beautiful but So Ugly

I m in las Vegas Nevada at the motel6 on motor speedway.. and I was in the kitchen warming up my breakfast in the microwave.. but what I heard from this beautiful front desk clerk..heated up my anger..and trouble my heart.. as I heard this clerk..make fun of .. some one who is homeless and dressed homeless.. who just paid her rent.. laughing with a chuckle with a male front desk handsome beautiful front Co worker finding it so funny to mark this woman.. at the motel6 on motor speedway..front desk.. Happy fourth of July 4 .. but this will be add to my homeless documentary on the homeless in las Vegas .. Nevada . It sadness me to see how people ….who stomp on someone s situation..for a cheap laugh..and for false sense of power… making themself ..feel a sense superiority ..its not right .. it dosent resolve.. anything but add un necessary cruelty to the homeless community in Vegas..

Finding me in my Creativity

This is my second ,day.. reflecting on my pass and listening to my hear and now.. growth I’m finding SO much understanding ,trying to the insanity fun.. of creating something great…. knowing your Power and purpose puts you on

the edge of glory.. Hey stay focused… take the time to tune in to your Power.. take the time to be brave enough…to find the glory the over flowing joy. Wrapped up.. in the creation of your own power purpose