I did it !

I’m so Excited I thought I share this with you..

I’m 40 years old, Happily Divorced and I’m rebuilding my self.. three eating healthier and working out .. today.. on Christmas I caught myself working out hard..so hard.. I was moving as if I was 16 years old in JROTC! During my Cardio. Sweat feeling the burn.. I am so in tune with my body.. I have a lot to be proud of.. I recall when I use to be athletic.. and just want to be back there.. I didn’t talk about it.. cause I was ashame.. how far.

I’ve let myself go.. I figure if I share this with you. It’s like passing the baton.. in a race to get back to taking care of yourself..

No Carb day..

Today s meals has been  nothing  but clean eating.. no dairy  no poultry  no animal  just   veggie s no potatoes.. or rice..  I’m  just  sharing  this  .. to encourage YOU..  you who are seeking  a better   diet..   you  who are seeking  less pain .. less  stress.    Over all   Healthier  #1 Hunter… fresh veggies    zucchini  onions  mushrooms  and  tomato  soup..  me who love tomatoes..enjoy my light er..way of eating.. today.. you can actually eat veggies.. and feel satisfied…. maybe your like me who .. comes from…a family.. that eating is love.. a non vegetarian.. diet.. well.. you can break all the rulwe of your culture.. and eat what s best for you!

What in the helll 101

Here.. I go hi folks, Welcome to my short read, about some of the crazy thing s happening in our society today. OVER 2 MILLION PEOPLE ARE OUT OF WORK.. OVER 200THOUSANDS LIVES HAS PAST , DUE TO COV19… OH IF YOU HAVE A OPINION OF YOUR OWN, OR YOU STAND FOR SOMETHING… PEOPLE HAVE A PROBLEM Accepting and honoring your prospective, people are still suffering, I ‘ve seen homeless as young as the age 3 years old living a tent playing with her toys on 6 and wall street downtown east LA, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, blood clots.. are taking people s life early my Dad, Along with his sister my Aunt died from the same thing. and the number 1 killer isn’t Cov19.. .. spolier alert homeless people lives are constantly under attack.. people label them and torecher … these people who can’t afford a ruff over there head.. all of them aren’t Bumbs.. you know jobless.. no some are apart of the working poor.. it’s a scary thing to work for a muti billion dollar corporation.. and get paid peanuts… it’s sad to be working for a company like this and can’t afford the same items they ring up..for this business.. but society beats up the poor.. this time of the year I knew people who would cry in sadness, during this time of the year.. thinking no one cares, and they CAN’T get a holiday meal , a holiday home some where to call there own. I did a documentary on the homeless.. Yes why cause some one needs to hear there voice that’s so often ignored. I would know .. cause for 3 years this voice.. use to be mine , it’s been four years since I ‘ve been in this homeless state in Las Vegas Nevada.. enough of my talking here some pics of the homeless in Vegas I documented.. in my travels.. but I came back and gave back to this community.. Oh that working person who could n’t affoward a ruff over her head yes that was me working as a front cashier by day and a homeless woman on the strip by night in las Vegas Nevada

This on the elevator on the strip of las Vegas Nevada.. right where I use to be homeless..this is the same guy

That use to hold up the elevator sleep in the morning s.. but I would nt bother him . I mean every one needs there sleep

Hi I m putting  my self care 1#

For over 10 years   I had abadant  myself care,  no wonder  my life  produce,  a painful  way of living,   not being aware how to properly   take care of my mind my body,   cause I left self care  at the back  burner..   right  NOW  I have  the opportunity to   take  care of my  the art of being in tune..with taking care of  all of  me..  my mind my body  my soul,  right now  I’m sharing this with you, cause, self  compassion  is a term that, needs to be shared..and prompted among the masses of people like your self!.  who  want to walk in the direction , where self care is 1# , you know a priority in your Life! I believe in me.. today, I’m wide awake.. I believe self awareness with self love can bring enduring freedom strength to constantly improve all of you! This is why.. I’m chosing to put self care first! Oh and I’m a creative visionary so thank you for letting me share my vision with you.. I’m also a visual artist .. this is a piece I would like to share with you!