I’m such a Romantic Dreamer

Smile when I still have the faith threw.. ,Surviving … well a Marriage a failed marriage.. I survived abusive naristic ex husband.. in Las Vegas Nevada.. I still am a fan of love regardless.. How I was mis treated… I still watch romantic comedy like sleepless in Seattle or You ‘ve got mail.. or and action pack.. save the girl save the world.. movies like the.. 5th element … Princess Bride .. it’s been four years.. I have developed a Happier life.. yes.. I’m still dreaming .. dating.. one day that right one will come.. freedom.. has helpED me developed something.. that I needed.. a little term called self respect, Dreaming is free.. to me dreaming is FREE dom… freedom to enjoy the life your living.. So.. it’s important to value.. your self worth.. ..the Great thing about surviving.. that you get a restart a second chance at making a Happier life.. I’m a creative sort yes I’m a Artist.. who have came a long way.. and dreaming has gave n.. me freedom ,to enjoy what I dare to dream… this is me … inspiring you to dare to dream..

Embracing your Craft

Today…. I m proud of my accomplishments today.. I made 3 sells… so are you an Artist.. in this cov19…. mayhem… I got news for you.. yes good news. we will find away to sell are work after all. We create.. invent..peroid..we come up with fun practical ideas that work .. yes we are visionaries.. are vision s.. are more than a pretty unique product..s. but are ideas.. are opportunities 2 solve problems. So we have the ability 2 invent . yes… I sold my photography.. out side my apartment .. across the street at the park.. it’s paying off.. hey it can pay off for you..Dont give.. up on What you love !embrace your craft..