I’m visiting las Vegas and I’m giving back to the homeless community.. I can’t wait

I left Vegas.. 4 years ago .. escaped a life a broken life.. filled fear and insanity.. and homelessness .. surviving the whole living in the desert. 8 years wasn’t easy.

I live a Happy life now in NJ.

I will. Get the chance to finish my documentary on the homeless life and giving back to this community . I DO LOOK FORWARD TO THIS TRIP! SO I LEFT A LOSER AND CAME BACK TO NV.. AS A WINNER..

This picture right here.. I took in the mist of my homeless ness… I title it there’s always Hope! I took this picture .. when . In my struggle of the homeless life in NJ today this struggle is no more.. I’m great ful 4 this…I get 2 share this with you how was able to over come

Revised version on How far I’ve came

Greets.. Hello there.. I DO APOLOGIZE..4 MY TYPO.. I remember when… 4 years ago, I was a different person… I was a homeless .. Begger..being used.. abadant unwanted song hero.. who rose from the ashes of her broken abused ..fear ing for an early death from the risky life I was living which included being in the run .. yes I was in hidding or on the run by a x husband stalking an abusing and attacking me in broad daylight..also cause being . .. treated like a law less citizen ,yes begging for money on the strip of las Vegas, create I would call it harassment from the law but today.. I can see how I cause attention to myself.. even though its not like i I was in front of there shops.. no .. i was on city property.. a public bridge and I didn’t go up to the tourist.. I would sit in the corner with a Sign and a 7 11 clear plastic cup.. with my change.. with a sign that read give.. some police officer was nice and others.. they abuse.. the poor.. by bully like tactics.. such as making the homeless leave.. chase them off the strip.. thearten .. to throw them in jail.. check there Id to see if they have any warrants.. but.. I just needed to help I beg for money for my own surival yes away out of being chronic ly homeless.. under employed.. .. on the strip of las Vegas .. Today Ima self employed as a Freelance writer and photographer.. .. no longer afraid no longer running from. The police..or in fear of death from my ex husband..who hunted me.. and attack me…today.. I create opportunities.. ..Today I encourage and support..others. Today I take care of myself by working having multiple income s..from selling my work.. to doing photography gigs.. to creating healthy relationship s.. with others by refusing to accept abusive relationship s..peroid MY life has turned upside down but for the Good ..

For this reason Im Great ful for.. if your believing or in line for a Miracle my life is ..proof that.. it can happen to You!

Reflection of my Victories

Hi.. Today I recall.. how far .. I’ve call how far I’ve came… From Chronic ly homeless.. to a place where I call home in NJ.. From risking my life.. for an x husband who abused it.. From hidding.. my talents.. to bravely practice my ART ..being.. self employed as a freelance photographer and writer.. Now I enjoy .. encouraging other s.. to me this is when Destiny meets purpose… My world has turned up side down but .. 4 for the better..

I’m on lock down .. Single

I’m upside down and right side up.. oh what luck, I will never give up

On.. me.. I know that may sound crazy.. .. but it Amazes me

In this lock down.. I can be FREE from missiory.. oh yes as a child.. I would smile.. while I had fun being away from every 1. Now that I am 40 years I’m still that kid.. that had so much fun being hidden away.. … I know that’s kinda of silly..

So What’s going on

Do you.. feel like the world, we are living in .. .is upside down world..? Well if your answer is yes.. well your not alone.. it’s like. We are on the verge of great ness.. brave an being insane .. together in one another all in One! It’s enough to Make you want to Scream.. about what..? how would that scream.. sound.. Let’s see ,Stand 6 feet! You can’t come in here without your mask!!!! Thank you to our Essential Workers! Stand for Peace! Its..a Lot of Noise going on ..Have you Notice!!! So what would you and you and all of you support? …..